The Netherlands at it's best
A romantic landscape with large lakes connected by canals. Historic villages with buildings going back to the 17e century. The area is unique in the world. Nature in the Netherlands doesn't mean you're on a survival tour. Everywhere it's posible to rent a boat, book a room, restaurant, sailing course etc. 

Service and nature
The area is large enough to find rest, room and freedom. Otherwise, by mooring at one of those historical villages with their restaurants, terraces and harbours, service is always nearby.

Largest rental fleet of the world
In every village is a rental companie with daysailers like the Valk class. The numbers of sailingboats you'll see on a sunny day are only paralleled by the organised large sailing events elsewhere in the world. At the moment you can rent the Keus 22 class in Amsterdam and in Balk (Friesland).

Shallow water - no big boats
Dispite one canal (the Margrietkanaal) all the waterways in Friesland are shallow and mostly used by recreational craft. In most
areas the 40 feet motorcruisers are the biggest boats you'll find.

Unique in the world

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