Sailing course

Book a boat, a room and an instructor

For a party of two or three we offer sailing arrangements at the Ulepanne. Price and organisation is based on one room and one boat. With an instructor on board you learn to sail in a short time. 
You'll stay in a room with a separate shower and toilet and three berths. If you plan to come alone, you can book an sailing arrangement on the site of the Ulepanne


Weekends or Monday till Friday

Book a weekend or from Monday till Friday. The arrival is on Friday evening or at Sunday evening. The start is from 9 pm (21.00 u.). 


All inclusive (except drinks at the bar)

You will be welcomed with coffee and tea, furthermore breakfast and diner are included just like the coffee and tea in the evening.

Day schedule

Breakfast at 8 am together with other guests. At 9 am there will be a meeting with your instructor to plan the day. Normally we sail the whole day till 5 pm (17.00). For lunch, we'll make a stop at one of the characteristic Frisian villages. Diner will be at 6 pm with the other guests (all adults) who also booked a sailingcourse at sailing school the Ulepanne.


Frisian lakes and canals

You will be learning to sail on the Frisian lakes and canals. Your instructor will be on board the whole day. The lessons will be  according the Dutch CWO system. When you succeed after a course, you'll get a CWO licence. 

The course is practical and we focus on teaching you to handle the boat in a short time. But we try also to show, that sailing is one of those sports that never bores. At every level there's something to learn to get better. 

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